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      2017-15-10: This server is now a virtual machine running FreeBSD 11.1.

      2005-04-09: The news server was successfully upgraded.

      2005-04-08: We are planing an upgrade of the newsserver software 
                  this Saturday (2005-04-09) at 15.00 CEST. We only expect
                  minor service interrupts, if any at all.

      2005-02-24: The signup-system is running again. Username and pasword
                  have been sent to all new users.

      2005-02-23: We are currently having some trouble with the news-signup
                  system. We will send username and password to new users 
                  when the problem is fixed.

      2004-08-28: The news server was successfully upgraded and the news
                  service was back online from around 1430, local time.

      2004-08-23: The news server will be updated next Saturday (2004-08-28)
                  and thus a few hours of service downtime is to be expected.

      2004-08-06: The problems have been fixed and the newsservice is now 
                  back online. No articles were lost.

      2004-08-05: We are currently having some problems with the newsserver! 
                  We hope to have cleared the issues within short time.

      2004-05-07: We have added a new page with screenshots of 
                  news reader configuration examples.

      2004-05-01: We encurage all users to point their news 
                  clients to as soon as possible.

      2004-04-27: We are preparing the new usenet server...

      2004-04-27: Aalborg University has donated a new dedicated 
                  USENET news server to The server 
                  will be put in production on May 2nd 2004.



      To be able to use the new usenet server (read and post articles)
      you must register!

      Just send an empty email to: and we will 
      email you a username (which is your email) and a password. 
      This username/password pair must be entered in your newsreader 
      and then you will have access to read and post articles.
      Help to configure your newsreader can be found here.

      Please notice:

      * If you're using this server, you accept our rules of usage!

      * There is no right to be granted access. Access can be
        withdrawn at any time without further notice.

      * Your email address will be put into the X-Trace: header of
        your postings, but to keep it from being harvested, this
        header will be encrypted.
      * Our privacy policy is that your news registration will not be
        sold, published or used for anything except for validation
        against our newsserver.



      Users of the USENET news server are required to
      follow this set of rules. Disregarding the rules may cause
      termination of access privileges without further notice!

      Real Name: 
        It is required to use the accurate personal name
        (also called "real name") in each posting, particularly in the
        From: or Sender: field. It is not sufficient to include your
        name in the signature solely. 

      Accurate Sender Address:
        The e-mail address in From: or Sender: fields must belong to
        you. Using identifiers of other individuals is not permitted.

        Most hierarchies of Usenet have their own netiquette and
        guidelines. Users should pay attention to the relevant

      No Commercial Usage:
        This server is liable to the rules of Darenet, the Danish
        research Nework. Therefore particularly commercial or
        for-profit activities are prohibited.

      No SPAM:
        It is inadmissible to use this server to post SPAM. (To spam
        Usenet means to send many identical or nearly-identical
        messages separately to a large number of Usenet newsgroups.)

      No Control Messages:
        Users are not allowed to post control messages at this
        server. The only exception is to cancel your own articles.

      No Third-Party Cancels:
        No user is allowed to cancel any article other than his or her



Policy have a strong policy against any binary material or
      HTML in usenet postings. We believe that Usenet is for
      communication - not for binary exchange. 

      As a consequence of this, we do not carry any binary group and
      we do have a rather aggressive anti-spam filtering system which
      also cleans out binaries, HTML postings etc. 

      The filter also ensures compliance with RFC1036 - especially
      with regard to using Re: (and not Sv:) in the Subject line in
      replies to postings.


Campus Users

      As Aalborg University has sponsored the USENET News
      server, we offer extended access to the University users.

      Campus users can access all the newsgroups, but your computer will
      have to be located on campus. To gain access from outside
      of campus, you must register as others, and if you are a campus
      user, you will be granted access to our campus-local groups. You
      will have to use your university email address to sign up to get
      access to the local groups.

      Once you receive your username/password, you must enter this in your
      newsreader software.

      Related to the introduction of the new newsserver and the recent name 
      change from til, the campus-local newsgroups have been
      cleaned up and reorganized. Mapping between the old and new hieracy 
      can be found here (campus users only).




Server Info

      The server was kindly sponsored by Aalborg University.

      HP compaq proliant DL380G3:
      2x 2.8GHz Pentium 4 XEON CPU's w. 512KB L3 cache
      3GB RAM
      2x 1Gbit integrated network
      Smart Array 5i Plus RAID controller (integrated, 2 SCSI channels)
      Battery-Backed Write Cache Enabler for the Raid controller
      2x Power Supplies
      6x 72 GB/10K U320 hotswap SCSI disks 

      Running Diablo 5.0 on FreeBSD 4.10



      Q: Why can't I read or post articles anymore?
      A: From May 2004 every user has to authenticate to get access
         to the server. Please see the registration section.

      Q: Why do I get access denied when I try connecting to the server?
      A: From May 2004 every user has to authenticate to get access
         to the server. Please see the registration section.

      Q: I can't connect with Mozilla/Opera?
      A: There has been some bugs with authentication in some old versions 
         of these news readers. Please upgrade to the newest available version.

      Q: How do I configure my news reader to access the news server?
      A: There are some screenshots here.